Brag began as a small home business and has since grown into one of the biggest vintage clothing companies in the UK. This success can be attributed to our culture which is based upon the creativity of our workforce, their tireless work ethic, motivation and ability to adapt to various roles. We now, undoubtedly have a reputation in the industry as one of the best companies to work for as well as one of the best in terms of customer service.


We have a dedication to providing our employees with the right tools to achieve their goals both in their current position and in whatever future endeavours they may embark on in the fashion world. Our team is a young mix of passionate individuals with a keen interest in fashion, sustainability and vintage clothing. Their motivation to learn and develop their skills and knowledge allows us stand at the forefront of the vintage fashion industry.


As a company and as a workforce we accept and embrace any and all cultures. Sourcing stock from all over the globe, we believe our strength comes from this diversity and the workforce's ability to learn and adapt to different situations and roles. This allows us to keep on top of the latest fashion trends as well as providing our customers with years of expert knowledge in the vintage fashion industry.


We hold ourselves accountable as individuals and as a company and strive to find new and inventive ways to make fashion more sustainable. Our belief in ethically sourced clothing is a driver in a lot of the company's decision making. On top of this, each employee has a dedication to providing the best customer service and actively encouraging the different styles and tastes of our unique customers. For this reason are leaders in the market.

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