Historical Context

The rise of a pair of jeans is one of the most important factors people look for before making a purchase. High waisted jeans have been popular for a number of years now especially with the recent growth in vintage clothing where the majority of jeans are high rise. These jeans can be both flattering and modern looking and can work with almost any shape or size. The high waisted jean first came into style when the denim manufacturer Levi's produced jeans for women working on the land and in factories for the war effort in the 1940's. The style was popular throughout all aspects of women's clothing at this time and allowed them to retain their modesty while bending down to work!

High Waisted Hollywood

When the 1950's came around and jeans started to become fashionable the high rise was still very popular as it fit women in all the right places and accentuated their shape. When Marilyn Monroe starred in the 1961 movie 'The Misfits' she can be seen wearing high waisted jeans with a belt and tucked in shirt, a look that is still popular with women today. Jean popularity faded in the 1960's to make way for new high fashion garments but in the 1970's everyone had a pair! The bell bottom jean is famed for being an iconic item of 70's fashion and were worn by both men and women. High waisted and tight at the top the jeans started to flare from below the knee and sometimes people would put extra panels of fabric in them to make them even wider!


The 1980's were the reigning decade for high waisted jeans and the new washes and styles available meant people were wearing them more than ever. The brand Guess produced a huge marketing campaign in the 80's and everyone wanted a pair. The jeans were very tight fitting and reminiscent of the styles in the 50's. This style looks great with a vintage blouse for casual chic and a classic leather belt will draw in the waist even more to give you that great silhouette. For a more laid back 80's look a simple vintage t-shirt tucked into your vintage jeans and worn with pumps looks great.

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