Nov 27th 2019

Black Friday is just around the corner people, which can only mean one thing...ITS CHRISTMASSSS! But before we get distracted by the sultry tones of Slade and fall head first into the festive vortex, we need to address an event that has become incredibly important in the UK’s shopping calendar; Black Friday, and more importantly - how can the climate-conscious manoeuvre it?

Black Friday Sale

Imported from America, the buying bonanza only really began to take hold in the UK in 2010, but boy did it catch on quick, and who’s surprised? But what was once a 24-hour event now stretches over four with a grand finale on Cyber Monday. Not to mention the mass emails that start getting churned out mid-November. But who can blame them when research by found Brits were planning to spend £7 billion during the event last year!

It’s a frenzy of over-consumption and we can’t help but think of our pal Mother Earth who has to deal with the backlash of mass-manufacturing to cope with the need. But never fear, as we at Brag have found a loophole! There are still many ways to enjoy this shopping season like the eco-warrior you are, you just have to take a slightly different approach, and here’s how…

Do you ACTUALLY need it?

Ask yourself - do you actually need it? Sounds obvious but a good deal is a saucy mistress and enough to tempt anyone into buying another pair of straight black jeans, “Just in case the other one’s break!” Susan there is nothing wrong with the pair you already own, please leave the vicinity.

Aside from buying things you don’t need for yourself, think of your poor friends and family who are going to have to deal with the consequences of your actions. Yes, 6 ink cartridges for £15 is an absolute steal of a deal but your older Brother is now tasked with acting like it’s exactly what he wanted.

Think before you buy - what do you need, what do your friends and family need and for the love of Christmas, keep yourself to a firm budget. Last year it was recorded that 21% of Brits ended up regretting what they bought in the sales, don’t be one of these guys!

Take a left down local business lane...

There will still be plenty of deals happening away from the high street, so why not take a left down local business lane and get some one of a kind gifts at a great price. By supporting the local economy you can say goodbye to the weight of a guilty conscience and say hello to great gifts.

Brag Vintage Tote Bag

Why not go vintage this Christmas and thrift your gifts? The plus-side to buying through second-hand stores is you’re not contributing to an increase in production, as we already have the best stock - Levi’s, Wrangler and Ralph Lauren, we’ve got it all! At Brag we get vintage clothes and pre-loved items from across the globe, so you’re sure to find something for everyone and at the same time, giving some fab garms a new home.

Brag Vintage Clothing Flat Lay

Block Friday?

Ultimately the best way to do your bit for climate change this Black Friday is by not contributing - it’s a very sad truth I’m afraid. But this doesn’t mean that a day should go wasted… Pro-sustainability Business, Eco-Age, want us to consider swapping out Black Friday with Block Friday; a day you set aside to use the time you would be hitting the shops to do absolutely anything else.

This option will fit those who need to be physically restrained from good deals - you know who you are. Some of their suggestions for activities include learning new skills like sewing, going for a jog whilst simultaneously doing a litter-pick and our personal favourite, wearing something you haven’t worn in a while, giving a little extra love to the wardrobe you already have.

Vintage Levis Jeans

We can’t be too furious at Black Friday, as for many it’s an opportunity to buy items we wouldn’t normally be able to afford, but we do need to be smart about it.

This Black Friday, spare a moment and think of the bigger picture, we will all be grateful we did one day. One thing we can definitely agree on is that green is definitely the new black.

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