Levi's 300 Series

The number on your Levi's 300 series jeans will help you to determine the cut, style and shape of your denim. Consult our full table before purchasing, or simply to find about a bit more about the jeans you already own. Our complete guide will help you determine whether yours are bootcut, tapered, straight leg, low rise, mid rise, high rise, rare or readily available.

Model Style/Cut/Fit Rise Fly Type Availability Score Gender
301 Straight Low Zip 1 Mens
305 Straight Mid Zip 2 Mens
306 Sta Prest Slim Fit, Tapered Mid Zip 1 Mens
317 Straight Mid Zip 1 Mens
318 Bootcut Low Zip 3 Womens
320 Curvy Bootcut Low Zip 3 Womens
333 Slim Fit Tapered Low Zip 3 Mens
350 Straight Mid Zip 2 Mens
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